Faults in arms wrongs
Defaults in stars strong 
Dilemma in the morn I fall
I cross roads I’d like to be wrong
When I’m right
Guess I’m wrong born

Tonight I might tremble on a soft rock below and below 

But what goes and goes is the footlings put together strong and strong

I remain here strong, though I fell off a bit, therefore I trembled, but maybe a bit, so and so

Risen tall amid green grass, roots and woods, and petals, and what falls and falls 

Off amid pain and hunger for more and more of things out of worlds and world

Services of mine hands, thine hands services none, how come betrayals you me in soft corny theatre while the audience watches it then they’re faulty hands applauds it, and applaud and applauds

Loud in my soft ringing ear, corn roses soft drowns in miserable waters softer, soft and soft

Thanks for the Lord that today’s a day shines bright in mine eyes, longer death not, further it is death, beyond, more than you can ever think, more and more

What seizes a heart thus in bars laid softer more and more in here are they tremble is what goes and goes, harsher than ever, ever beyond, harder than pulling solid parts out each other, whilst you say, putting it, and the thing which always remains, together and together is soft, hard, easy, harsh, normal, and a norm out of norm, a norm and norm

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