Hi, in this post I’d like to explain some issue while i was browsing your comments some of you said ” how do i clear and straighten my thoughts before starting to write a write-up. I think i have something to say about such an issue.

First of all, having a clear mind that is organized before starting a write-up really means much more than you can think. Such that, if you pay close attention to the well organized and separable mind and his person, probably, you won’t understand much how they’re thus neat in mind, writ, and person. You’ll probably believe they’re way better thank you, maybe more smarter. Even though what I’m trying to breakdown and say here might sound strange to some, but I’d really like to help those of you who want to get better, not just in writing or specific activities but in every aspect of their lives, as that all is interrelated.

In other words, human perception of the whole world, universe, human activity, and every single thing we do in our lives is sheer different from one human to the other. That is, geniuses can be described simply just genius by the less smarter and not-genius people. They have no idea how a genius does what he does, such they’re completely incapable to hang on with geniuses. There’s like a specific empty hole in the heart for not understanding the efforts of a genius human. Such they think the “genius” is untouchable because nobody copes with them and deliver what they deliver.

Here, I’d like to say that the very own human eyes’ vision or sight even if they’re all 6/6 will still be different from one another and so is our perception of things and so is the insight we have in our brains to look at things with 100% certainty, our reasoning and our cause and effects too.Yet the mystery and “how” our eyes meet when we have complete differing strength of vision to see even though they’re all 6/6. Not only our vision or seeing but everything also such as our understanding of things around us, how do they meet, see and agree with one human to the other human. That is to say, in this talk as such, there’s something like a small insight of understanding must be sparked in those seriously visioned people on how our world is one and at the same time billions. How at the same time our differing worlds meet with each other from one human world to the other human world with no mistake or glitches or errors from this universe or from anything universal.

So, to compete with those geniuses and beat them as “normal humans” is definitely possible but will take the “normal human” real devious and tiring efforts. As the genius is born with what you already want to learn and improve. So, you see, everything is definitely happening, have happened or will happen only evenly and by reason and cause which are intertwined, the reason and the cause.

So also, the psychotic or demented people see a completely different world that to them makes 100% sense, while to us it seems 100% false and nonsense, and why would and do they do the things they do and would do. Us, not knowing that we are sane unless we have no derealization or any of its symptoms. We think that those psychotic or demented people, in fact we believe entirely, that they’re interacting, seeing and playing with the same world every one of us sees. That belief is wrong, but yet our worlds never collide with each other, they delineate with one another, so that belief is something we will never understand even if it exists as human seem to be a natural “unbeliever,” in God, and towards the God, and to the world of God. Say, how the world is perfect the way it is and not say its so subtle.

Concluding, everyone one of us experience the same world through eyes’ seeing, understanding and insight and at the same time we experience a different world from the rest of the whole world. That is to say the world has a vision and us too have our very own other, separate and different vision. And that is also to say that God is capable of doing anything. And at last, that is also to say, everything in this whole universe, no matter how corny or funny or insane it seems is created symmetrically, the male and the female, the Sun and the Moon, fire and water, rain and eruption,  vaccuum supermasive black holes and “unvaccuum” supertiny white holes which are atoms and so forth two out of everything and out of every single thing.

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