Rectify the lie to an eye precious. That which side that has come forth, reckless. They say to defy is to lose a loss, then to victor I say is to deline the thought of loss so as to lose not a loss. What’s bitter in difference abides the most. The thing which draughts lives a life upon the world of ours. The defeat and a laced cross upon your face thence, then you lost. You ought to be careful about the spend of yours bittersweet life with mine, so as to cross the laced cross across. Then you ought to lift up a smile in my face thoughtless though has it been coming forth from you but before I end up a jotting through like this, I jot through the very thing what goes then, what goes, goes through. Though, at the end of my letter to you, you’re not that obvious nor a clue too true to me to get to you, but, nevertheless, what confuses confuse. So at the end of all of this, maybe I concluded to you a message perhaps too true from a person who really loved you.

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  1. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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