SEO, Search Engine Optimization, services can be crucial for the survival of a website nowadays. In order to rank in the first pages of the search engines, massive and hefty work must be done. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo can be, and are usually, the main source of income to website owners. They drive in massive traffic to your site if your site is well ranked in their pages, especially if your site is ranked in the first pages, suggesting that you have a very high PR or page rank. In order to be ranked in these first pages, a massive amount of work must be done; researching your competitors’ site ranking or page rank; creating a large network of back links; identifying the most critique words to use in search engines; and so on. In today’s world, huge amounts of money is being paid to SEO companies because of the vital role they play in globalizing your site, and therefore, earning you a large sum of money. Months, even years, can be spent to come up with the best and most potent SEO plan. This is largely due to the fact that coming up with the best phrases or words that match best your industry or site offerings, to be listed in search engines, is time-consuming and often hard when there are many competitors around and many different visitors searching the net with differing behaviors. It is hard to group the best set of words that have the highest potency in driving in traffic to your site.

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