Branded new. For you. Maybe this from a day turns around, and hey, it turns on you. Who might else it be. Rock and a glue, on the rock, and what faints ? Solid as steel a heart is. Brandish gift for you to use. What differenciates you from else. Rather it be a great incident. For you. To come observe what you say before you say it. What’s worth ? Part zero to end, whence I’m dead. Little did you know of me. A burried root tree. A sink in the heart of mine, and what’s pain ? A sink in the heart of mine, and what’s lame ? Though tree roots come out but not all. Least to say, I’m awkward, a kind, and what’s human ? Do I hath a heart. If yes, does it still beat. Alright, see what I’m trying to portray of rays upon words, one day these words might shine, and hence then, what’s me ? I’m a trapped self in a soul, willing everyday to come out. So that ya can hear me clear, I wrote this writ with the pen and not my high volume shout to ya. So at end, do we agree, we’re at a point where you can help me. Afterall, I did write this and why not be it not here. So be it, afterall, if you ever read or hear this, please come and save me and turn light upon me because in here, it’s dark, it’s actually pitch black dark.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great post. Thanks Again. Keep writing. Alethea Franciskus Berg

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