Please count off my evil deeds been spent with you. For that’s real, a thing bittersweet left amid chaos and chaotic things. So chaotic I was, chaos was the reality, yet it did only feel amazing, the gesture I spawned at you, out of evil and miserable things, and yeah I took it all on you. For what’s in you, in you is the message to thrift feel you ablaze kick dust off your view field. Out of an eye that’s precious that’s real to determine, and ey, I saw you yesterday closing your car’s door just to walk a sea wide alongside and a beach. Of a view that it was, and out of no clue I was in there, yet, who could’ve thought that we’ll meet again, once maybe and tomorrow is a day. And that it ain’t today’s the rendezvous, so forever I say may it be once for all time as we spend our time.

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  1. Timely post. Thanks for your decision prompting word. Lorena Worden Brendon

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