That’s what’s conjuring. Upon needy space, there laid, lies one’s space of parts in Earth. There laid, a countless count, 1, 2, 3, and perhaps the sheep and a wolf never out space be outspaced. There lies he dead, onerous obtains of things out of musty Earth, dirt and leaves the spring, sprung and span a life there for living on Earth, and is it’s stake for life on Earth. Deeds put to Earth by the human who sees, knows and speaks. Yet loud was it he, when he’s dead in a claim, for him an aim of life, a house and a flooring rounding, and for him by The Mighty, a space. One would wonder upon a piece of lighting, the enlightening and it’s enlightenment, a piece of screwing a living down on Earth, then there lies the enlightenment. Come spare even a slight of time’s share like dearth spending, here you would’ve known that something of a thing never gets scared, for why ? When it’s all he, The Lord, what be, and what it be. Perhaps a day you’ll see him and not get scared at the sight of he, how come ? Yet here I got to say I knew him back then and down on Earth, and it’s spending. One ranted, shouted your name dear Lord, with pure eagerness to earn more of good deeds to englighten a path set for he, and a human is he. A sparkling light upon a wind breeze, Oh old might it be gone, thence there I see a light another and a spend of life upon the gaze of The Pure, The Mighty and The Dear Lord. And scorns the defeat at heart,¬†harsh and hard. Yet to remain… Your piece of upon creation, a human what be. And a human be what’s he… dear Lord…

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  1. I put a link to the Polaroid photos at the end of the main piece above. Krystle Frasier Tiertza

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