Awesome is the struck which it says. Loneliness is his ordeal. Order when there’s no order. Superman to save his day of mayhem. He has a grasp of wonder, a might and thunder in hands. He’s Ill with some kind of a psychological disease, but that which he never reveals. Honesty when turbulence is at hand is so far to reach, however he reaches. Mighty after such a talk he might be. Though he suffers silently deep below. Outside, he’s a rolling thunder and a thunderstorm. Wisdom in his speech. Talent in his tongue. Words worded so neat. And what else could he be. He’s a story rest assured great to be told to the whole world. How he survives everyday life with an untouchable smile. And a heart of a beast. Joy may be far out of reach. Joyous though he’s. How come he fights hunger in blood, defies the odd and blender blend a somewhat extreme athlete. Afterall, none of this counts, not much and not the least. I’ll tell you his truth and that all he’s. He’s darn good to the blood and extremely spiritual, faithful and religious. The power is in goodness the most. So don’t intertwine strength which can only uphold but never destroys. Goodness is the matter of forever. It’ll survive you till you die at ease or at harm.

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