A strategy is something well-developed. If it’s not, it mightn’t be called a strategy. As to define a strategy, it’s the accomplishment of non-redundant masterpiece put together from scratch which can be well utilized in the target market or in any niche of a thing with purpose. In order to define your way of survival and perhaps, success, in the, group or bunch of groups, of competitive rivalry, you’ll definitely need a strong strategy as today’s world of business has great, aggressive competition among rivaling companies. An efficient, and documented, strategy of a company usually involves two main statements: the mission and vision statements. The mission statement describes every possible factor pertaining to why an organization exists, such as it’s main purpose of institutionalizing, it’s main competitors, main customers or audience, markets of operation and etcetera. A vision statement is the supposed place of an organization in the upcoming future, usually as predicted it would be like in between five to ten years ahead if plans go accordingly. Creating a good strategy involves great efforts from almost every department in an organization. In order to create a complete, broad view of the company’s aspects or assets. Development of a strategy is vital for the survival, whether in the short or long run, of a business. It also scores out benefits that may be beyond what the developers actually perceived whilst developing the strategy. For example, it can create social acceptance from the community in which it operates, or that it could coordinate employees’ actions and direct them towards the main purpose of the business, as stated in the mission statement. Henceforth, it can also be useful in generating a profit or in getting ahead of competitors and staying in the lead. A strategy is an intricate, intertwined process of limitless possibilities. A strategy is only called a strategy because of it’s substance, infiniteness.

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